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Q: Do you have to enter a preliminary to attend the state pageant?

A: Yes and no. Everyone has to have earn their spot to attend our state pageant. If you have never entered a Washington State preliminary, Washington State Pageant (or another state Cinderella pageant) or entered the International Cinderella Pageant, the answer is YES you have to compete at a state preliminary. The reason why is because we want each girl to feel confident and be successful at our state pageant. Preliminary pageants are great ways to get quality stage time and experience to prepare for your state pageant experience. 

Q: What if I am a formal state title holder do I have to compete in any preliminary pageants throughout the year?

A: No, you're year as a state holder shows that you know the Cinderella pageant system and have earned the right to attend our state pageant.  If you have been out of pageants for a while it is recommended that you attend a preliminary before you enter state. If you fall in this category, you still have to purchase an AT-LARGE TITLE before entering our state pageant. The cost for an AT-LARGE TITLE IS $125, you will receive a custom sash with your name on the back, your county or city will be added to your sash, your preliminary tiara and a State Directors gift and certificate of $100 off of your state fee's. Preliminary titles will be worn at our 2024 state pageant for final farwells of our state royalty.

Q: Can anyone purchase a AT-LARGE TITLE?

A: No! These titles are for formal state titleholders that have won a state title, even if they have moved from another state.  Proof will be sent to the WA State Director with your state title that you have won in the past in order to be eligible for this title.

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