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8 Age division titles to be crowned


Charm Girl is an fundraiser pageant that goes towards our state scholarships. This is a natural pageant competition where girls have an opportunity to demonstrate their poise, grace, and communication skills as they model their party dresses (formal wear) and introduce themselves on stage with a short introduction. This competition is unrelated to the Cinderella Preliminary pageants being hosted can be adjudicated by judges that were selected to judge the local prelim that is hosting the pageant.

REGISTER ON OUR WEBSITE UNDER Enter a Prelim/Charm Girl. This competition is open for anyone to participate in and Washington Cinderella activity and perfect for practice on a stage.  NO TALENT IS REQUIRED! 

The 18 -29 division will be for women who do not have children. The 30 and up division is for women that have no children. Did you know that we have a division for mothers and grandmothers!!! Mother's division will be for women who have at least 1 child 18 and up. (The child does not have to be a pageant participant!) And we didn't forget our GLAMOROUS GRANDMOTHER Division (to qualify you have to have at least 1 grandchild and he/she does not have to be a pageant participant!)


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