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2021-2022 Washington State Royalty

elsa 1.jpg

Washington State Infant

Elsa Krocker

My name is Elsa, and I am from our beautiful capital, Olympia, Washington. I am your 2021-2022 Washington State Cinderella Infant! I may not be even a year old yet, but I have a big personality! I love to dance, play with my older brother, and explore the outdoors with my family. Cinderella was my first pageant and I absolutely love my Cindy sisters. I get really excited to see them and spend time with them, and we have formed so many magical friendships. I can’t wait to grow up with such a great group of young women to look up to!

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Washington State Baby

Mollie Meagher

Hi! My name is Mollie Meagher and I am your 2021-2022 Washington State Cinderella Baby. I am 2 ½ years old and from the beautiful, historic town of Poulsbo, Washington, which is also known as “Little Norway”. My family and friends call me “Mollie Moo” or “Moo Moo”. I started participating in Cinderella when I was 13 months old and have loved being part of the “Magic”! I am also the 2021 International Baby Personality 2nd Runner Up. I have met so many Cinderella or “Cindy” sisters and their families from all over the country and I love making new friends. I am always asking my Mom when I can go play with my “pageant friends”. I am the youngest of 6 siblings and enjoy spending time with my family, being outdoors, and tend to be known for my silly, sassy personality. I am so excited for all the adventures and opportunities this next year has in store and look forward to sharing in those with my pageant family. It’s Magic, Cinderella Magic!


Washington State Tiny Tot


Bio coming soon...

WA state cinderella shoot 9.26.21-19.jpg
WA state cinderella shoot 9.26.21-19.jpg

Washington State Tot

June Russell

My name is June Joanne Russell and I am seven years old. My family calls me June bug, my Grammy calls me rump roast, and my mom calls me stinky Pete but I don’t like that one so much. I was born in Colorado but I’ve been living in Washington for the last five years to be close to family. I am in first grade. I love to dance, make TikTok‘s, and explore spooky places with my mom! I started competing in Cinderella in 2019 following my aunties and mom‘s footsteps! Pageantry is in my blood and I love spending time and looking up to my Cindy sisters!

WA state cinderella shoot 9.26.21-31.jpg

Washington State 

Miniature Miss

Emily Yarbrough

My name is Emily Yarbrough and I am your overall Washington Cinderella Miniature Miss . I am 10 years old and I live in Wenatchee Washington. I’m a spunky 4th grader . In my spare time I dance , cheer and do gymnastics. I have been in pageants since I was 2 years old. I love making new friends. I cannot wait for my year with all my Cinderella sisters.

Washington State Miss

Alyssa Humiston


Alyssa loves to tap dance, act and sing. In her spare time she really enjoys doing graphic art. She has been a part of Cinderella since 2009. She has two previous State titles. Baby in 2009 and Tiny Tot in 2010. She loves her Cindy family, and cherishes all her adventures with them. It’s magic!

Washington State Teen

Nickelette Bailey

Hello, I am 15-year-old, sophomore Nickelette Bailey. Your 2021- 2022 Washington State Cinderella teen. I was born into Cinderella. My oldest sister, Amber was the 2005-2006 Washington State Cinderella woman. She was crowning her successor when simultaneously my mom went into labor with me! The Cinderella magic becomes alive in me. I have held the Washington State infant, tiny tot, Miss and Teen titles. I was also the 2019 International Cameo girl second runner up in the 13-14 year old division. I have gained many relationships all across the country with Cindy girls, their families and directors. We connect often and support each other through social media. I always look forward to the plans we make to reconnect when we travel for competitions, vacations and Cinderella functions. My heart lies with the special needs academic population. My dream is to become a special education teacher. I want to work with all diversities that deserve additional and alternative educational opportunities. During the school day I am a peer tutor. I also peer partner with the special Olympics for several of my additional needs classmates. Including my brother. I am a competitive All-Star cheerleader. I adore helping the special needs athletes teams during practice. Cheering them on at competitions. Watching them light up when they receive the support from their peers. Makes my heart Happy! I proudly wear my crown and banner while out in my community. The prestigious Cinderella crown and banner is sure to draw attention. I take this opportunity to inform others of the positive qualities and lessons Cinderella has instilled in me. As well as to inform my community of the vast diversity needed to support, serve and empower our vulnerable youth with additional needs. As of the current, I enjoy supporting the Wishing Well foundation. Wishing Well serves youth of all ages currently placed in Foster care. As well as those children that have become adult age and are aging out of the foster care system. I help secure needed clothing supplies equipment and sponsors to support Foster families in my community. I am grateful to the Cinderella scholarship program for providing me with love, support and opportunities to grow as a Cindy girl and a community member. My time spent with the Cinderella scholarship pageant family can be best described as.....It's magic it's Cinderella magic! -Nikki

Washington State Woman

Mackenzie Cunningham

Hello! I am honored to hold an overall Washington State Cinderella title for the first time! My name is Mackenzie Cunningham, I am 20 years old and I was born and raised in Shelton, WA. I currently represent my title from Pullman, Washington where I am working to earn my degree in Organic and Sustainable Agriculture at Washington State University! My goal after I finish my degree is to own and operate an organic hobby farm where community members and their families can build a positive relationship with agriculture. There is a large gap in agricultural education for our younger generations and I hope that with my own organic production I can give a community he opportunity to close that gap. I can’t wait! My journey in this program has been nothing short of AMAZING. I have met so many wonderful people along the way who have helped me grow into the woman that I am today. I am beyond thankful for the royalty moms, my royalty sisters, and my fabulous directors who make this program all the more meaningful. I hope to compete in more pageants in the future and can’t wait to see what this crazy life has in store for me!

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